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About This Site

One hundred years passed in the history of Okinawan immigration. As time goes by, now is the time for sixth, seventh descendant generations.
Every time I go overseas I take my time to write and show around the Japanese calligraphy.
Likewise, I write Japanese calligraphy in response to requests and, to my surprise, many people asked me for writing their family names (Okinawan family name).
In 2008, I had the pleasure to take part in the International Women's Forum in Brazil as a panelist.
Excepting me, all panelists had Okinawan names (Oshiro, Akamine, Kinjo, etc.) and no one knew their own family name writings in Kanji (Japanese letter).
I have been writing family names in Japanese calligraphy even in Hawaii, Peru and Argentina.
Ancestral names passed down through generations and continue calling their names.
Hence, I decided to launch this site to give the opportunity to know the family names for any generation.
Furthermore, not only knowing the names but also providing them to be useful in their lives.
I believe that a family name is one of the identity factors that Okinawan descendants could enjoy knowing their Japanese letter while deepen bonds of friendship with Okinawa.